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Bhumika Gk 

Health Benefits..(ALOe-vera)

Aloe comes in a liquid (aloe juice), pills (aloe capsules or tablets), as a cream or moisturizer, and at it’s finest, pure aloe vera straight from the aloe plant.

Aloe vera home remedies are many – everything from
 putting pure aloe gel on a burn to opening up an aloe vera capsule and making an effective rememedy with the powder.

Aloe Vera Cream and Pure Aloe Vera

When applied topically, aloe is a dream – especially pure aloe vera gel straight from an aloe vera plant. This aloe gel creates a protective layer on the skin which not only helps to speed up the healing, it also makes the redness go away as well as reduce any swelling and pain.

Pure aloe gel is good for burns (sunburn too), hemmorroids, insect bites, rashes, ulcers, warts, varicose veins – aloe vera gel is also great for psoriasis too!

Aloe Vera Juice and Aloe Vera Capsules

When you take aloe vera internally thru a juice or a pill, the health beneifts are many. The biggest helath benefit from aloe vera juice or capsules is that aloe fights inflammation that is caused by health ailments like colitis, gastritis (and other digestive problems like IBS), and arthritis. Aloe juice also helps with lowering blood sugar and is good for both type one and type two diabetes. Aloe has also been linked to help with AIDS, cancer, tumores, and many types of immune disorder illnesses.

As for preventative health benefits from drinking aloe juice or taking aloe tablets/capsules – aloe has been linked to help prevent heart disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

As with all else – always check with your doctor or follow the advice of a health professional (which I am not).

How To Maximize the Health Benefits from Aloe Vera

Above all, aloe vera juice, aloe vera capsules, and pure aloe vera gel are excellent option for those that want an all-natural way to treat their illness or health issue without all the side effects of contemporary medication. Aloe is also MUCH less expensive too.

But here is the key to properly getting all the health benefits from aloe vera -

You have to know how to prepare it PROPERLY to maximize the potential from aloe.

The Biogenic Stimulation Method was proven scientifically in 1930s and has already been successfully used by traditional and folk medicines in treating various diseases in the last 70 years. It has passed prolonged clinical tests and has been highly appraised in many countries. This method is very easy to do at home and it is used in home remedies as a very effective treatment of such serious diseases, like stomach cancer, mastopathy, radiation burns and serious skin disorders. 

‎1.The leaf pulp 2-4gms is effective remedy in Dysmenorrhea ( Kashtarthava ). Should be administered with sugar on empty stomach once a day. for three days prior to the expected date of menstruation.

2.Scars are the fibrous tissue formed 
on the skin in order to repair broken tissue. When there is an injury, the skin produces more cells in order to re-grow the punctured skin. This tissue is known as a scar.

A scar is easily visible because the cells that go in making up the scar are of lesser quality than the original cells. For example, the scars on the skin are not able to grow any hair since they have no hair follicles. Also they are lesser-resistant to UV radiation

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